All About Virtual+ Services

All About Virtual+ Services

Introducing Ūsked Virtual+ Services, a way to connect who you want, when you want, in order to provide your services virtually.

What is Virtual+ Services? 

Virtual+ Services is a homegrown, virtual meeting feature that is integrated and available within Ūsked. See the tour below: 

How does it work? 

Any service request within Ūsked can be converted to a Virtual+ request by just a simple click of a button. This will trigger the creation of an encrypted virtual meeting link, which can then be included in confirmations you send to the assigned service provider(s) and client(s).  When it is time for the assignment,  the service provider(s), client(s), and any other necessary parties can either click on the direct meeting link to join or open their Virtual+ lobby and select the meeting from there. Service commences and it's just that simple!

What devices and browsers can be used to access Virtual+?





Edge (Chromium)

*version 79 or above


How do I learn more? 

For existing Ūsked customers click here

For those interested in learning more about what Ūsked and Virtual+ can offer your company please reach out to

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Virtual+ HIPAA compliant? 

Short answer, YES! Read more about how here

How is Virtual+ different from VRI? 

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a 1:1 connection, whereas Virtual+ allows for multiple connections, with the ability to select up to 17 video streams and one screen sharing stream to view at once by any participant. With VRI, there are typically two parties in the same location that need an interpreter to communicate. With Virtual+, the client, consumer, and interpreter can all be at different locations and connect virtually. You may also have team interpreters or multiple languages in the same meeting.

What features are available in Virtual+ ?

  • Screen sharing 
  • Chat (including a speech to text option)
  • Convenient Virtual+ lobby (shows all active Virtual+ requests you are assigned to, so you just need one URL to join your meetings from) 
  • Ability to customize the logo displayed in V+ meetings (add your company's logo for increased brand visibility)
  • Ability to change the layout (resize video boxes and create custom layouts)
  • Ability to lock a meeting (no new participants can join once locked)
  • Ability to switch cameras
  • Hero view (select any stream to mark it as the main stream for the largest display)
  • Mute video and/or audio for each stream independently
  • Network strength meter for each participant

What kinds of situations can Virtual+  be used for? 

Here are some potential use cases for Virtual+:

Clients have another, preferred video feature that isn’t ideal for your service providers? No problem. Consider running both environments parallel to one another with the actual service transmission taking place in Virtual+.

Example:  a virtual learning environment with a school district or institution that leverages video technology not suitable for certain accommodation needs like sign language interpreter, CART, or other language service access. By running Virtual+ alongside the virtual learning environment, students will be able to comfortably view the service provider and have access to course material.

The flexibility of Virtual+ is such that it allows each participant to choose up to four video feeds to access at any given time. 

Example: a meeting that requires several language service providers to interpret in their respective language to participants. Again, the functionality users have to select the language or individuals they prefer to see within the meeting windows creates a much larger breadth of accessibility options.

Just like in a traditional in-person interpreting scenario, a use case of Virtual+ includes the need of service providers to support one another.

“Off” interpreters and other providers can provide support to the “on” interpreter without disruption to the client. The client can choose not to view the “off” interpreter and only the “on” interpreter, potentially creating a better client experience. In this same vein, the Virtual+ environment is ideal for virtual Deaf interpreter-hearing interpreter teams. A Deaf client can choose to view the Deaf interpreter and not the hearing interpreter, whereas the Deaf interpreter and hearing interpreter will have access to one another.

Have internal meetings and need to connect? Virtual+ serves as a virtual meeting space for team members. uSked has long used Virtual+ as a means to connect internally and will continue to leverage the feature to operate as a team.

NOTE: For internal meetings, an assignment would first need to be created in the system with the participants assigned (staff members). Then, everyone hops in at the designated time and your team meeting will commence! These meetings will need to be set to “not billable” in order to differentiate between internal and external assignments.

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