File Attachments

File Attachments

Read more about how to upload files to a request, including what file size and types are allowed.

Who can add file attachments to a request? 

Any staff (excluding those with only QA role) and group members who have Can Make Service Requests set to Yes can upload file attachments to a request. 

How do I add a file attachment to a request?

From within the request on the File Attachments tab click Add a File Attachment

If you have already previously uploaded the file attachment: select it from the drop down and select Save Changes

If this is a new file attachment: select Create New

Fill in the name of the file attachment, choose the file, and select Save Changes

Your new file attachment will be selected in the request and you can then Save Changes

Can I reuse a file attachment for another request? 

Yes - file attachments are saved to the group member profile, so the file attachment is accessible and usable in any request for that group member. 

Can I update a file attachment?

Yes - head to Requests > File Attachments and select the pencil (edit) icon next to the file attachments you'd like to update. Upload your new file and select Save Changes

Updating a file attachment will update it for all requests that file was attached to. If you want to keep the old file attachment on older requests, it is recommended to add a new file attachment and attach the new one to any future requests. If you no longer want the old file attachment to show up in the drop down you can make it inactive from the Status tab. 

What file types are supported? 

All of them.

Is there a file size limit? 

Yes - files up to 24MB can be uploaded to Ūsked.

How do I check the size of my file? 

From PC:

1. Right click on your file

2. Click on Properties

3. Size will be displayed below Location

From Mac: 

1. Ctrl + click on the file

2. Click on Get Info

3. Size will be displayed in top right next to file name

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