How to Search for Assignments

How to Search for Assignments

 To see what jobs are available, begin by clicking “Scheduling” from the main menu bar, then “Search Posted Service Requests” from the drop-down menu.


 All of the available posted service requests are displayed here. You can filter which jobs you see by changing the “Start Date” and “End Date” time range, searching a keyword in “Filter Terms” and telling Ūsked whether or not to “Ignore My Availability Settings.”

 If there is a posted service request that interests you, but you would like more information, click on the magnifying glass icon. A new page will open with more details about the assignment.


If there is a posted service request that you would like to express interest in, click on the thumbs up icon. You will see this message:



Please contact the individual or organization coordinating your sign up with Ūsked.


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