I'm locked out! Help!

I'm locked out! Help!

Seeing this message?

Please exit your browser completely and then re-open it again.  The keyword there is "Exit." If you click the traditional red "X" in the upper right corner, the browser might just "Close" and not completely "Exit." Some browsers stay open after closing and run in the background for quicker re-opening.

So be sure to "Exit" the browser - some will work if you click the three dots to get a dropdown menu and you'll see the option for "Exit."

Once you're able to get back to the log in screen, try to log in again. ┼¬sked doesn't have a lock out feature but instead uses the browser to lock out the user of the browser session after three failed log in attempts. Exiting the browser and opening it back up should resolve the session lock out.  

If this doesn't work, try either re-booting your computer, or opening and trying to log in using a completely different browser.


Still not able to log in?

Try resetting your password. Click here for details on how to do this.