Logging into the Ūsked App

Logging into the Ūsked App

Note: Before you can log into the Ūsked app, you must first contact the organization you will be using Ūsked through to get the organization database name (the part of the Ūsked portal url before ".usked.com")


Open the app. Tap on the down arrow next to Organization(s), then tap "Add a New Organization."

Enter the organization database name that was provided to you. Then tap “Add." 

Note: The organization database name will be the same as your Ūsked portal url (minus the ".usked.com" part of the url).

Ex. if the portal url is "globalinterpreting.usked.com" the organization database name for the app would be "globalinterpreting."


Select the organization you just added from the list. Then, enter in the username and password provided to you. Finally, tap "Login." 

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