Zoom Integration Guide for Service Providers and Clients

Zoom Integration Guide for Service Providers and Clients

How do I know which assignments are Zoom meetings? 

From the scheduling views, you'll see a Zoom icon on the service request box of those that are Zoom meetings. 

How do I join a Zoom meeting? 

If you hover over the service request ID of a Zoom meeting request or click View Details from the web portal, you'll see the Zoom invite link in place of Location. You can also join from the Zoom invite link sent to you in a confirmation email or from the calendar event notes, if you have your Ūsked calendar connected via iCalendar. Simply click on the Zoom invite link to open Zoom and join the meeting. 

What do I do if I'm the host of the Zoom meeting?

How do I join the Zoom meeting as a host? 

If you are the host of the Zoom meeting you'll need to start the meeting so that others can join. To join as the host go to the actions menu for the request and click on Get Zoom Host Link. This link allows you to join the Zoom meeting as the host and have access to host controls. 

The Zoom Host Link button will only be available a specific amount of time prior to the request start time. This time frame is set by the organization that you use Ūsked through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Zoom be accessed from the Ūsked app? 

No, Zoom can only be accessed by opening the Zoom Invite link from a web browser.

Yes, once you've connected your Ūsked assignments to your calendar via the iCalendar URL (more on how to do that here) you'll be able to see the Zoom Invite link in the calendar event notes for Zoom meeting assignments. 

Zoom Limitations

  • For Zoom meetings in which two or more people join, once only one person or no one is left in the meeting, a timer starts. After 40 minutes, Zoom will automatically close the meeting. 
  • A Zoom user cannot host multiple meetings at the same time.  If the Zoom user attempts to start a second meeting while the first one is still in progress, Zoom will give that user the option to close the first meeting.  This means that in case of meeting overruns, a person with the host link for a job has the power to end another completely unrelated meeting created under the same Zoom user.  Organizations can use the padding minutes setting to help mitigate this situation, but does not prevent users from running into this completely.
  • The name of the person who uses the Zoom host link will always be whatever is configured to be the name of the host in that Zoom account.  This means if you have a Zoom user named “Barry”, every person using the host link to start meetings under that user will be named “Barry” in the meeting.  It would be best to give your Zoom users generic names, for example “Acme Corp Host A”, etc.

What do I do if I'm having issues joining a Zoom meeting? 

Contact Zoom Support

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